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2023 Virtual Series Agenda

SEPT 05 | 9:00am EST - 3:00pm CEST | Add to Calendar
EU HEAT WAVES: Mitigating Humidity Risks in the Pharma Cold Chain

Dr. Peter Moir, CEO, Relequa Analytical Systems; Alice Melocchi, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, CSO Multiply Labs

SEPT 12 | 9:00am EST - 3:00pm CEST | Add to Calendar

Mastering Predictive Cold Chain Visibility Analytics with Real-Time Data
Stefan Braun, Managing Director, Smart CAE; Armin Feurstein, LIBERO Product Manager, ELPRO

SEPT 19 | 9:00am EST - 3:00pm CEST Add to Calendar

Cold Hard Truths in Cryogenic Storage and Shipment Today
Ian Pope, Chief Commercial Officer, IC Biomedical; Gerard McCabe, COO/Director, Biostor Ireland; Moderator: Henry Moran, ASC Associates

SEPT 26 | 9:00am EST - 3:00pm CEST | Add to Calendar

Temperature Controlled Air Freight: Global Logistics for Clinical Trials

Chris Denton, Pharma Cargo Specialist, Virgin Atlantic Special Cargo; Sonia Ben Hamida, Head of Special Cargo, INternation Air transportation Association (IATA); Mark Edwards, Global Trade & Compliance Manger, Kindeva Drug Delivery' Moderator: Henry Moran, ASC Associates