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Temperature Control Tuesdays™

2023 virtuelle Serie

05., 12., 26. September & 03. Oktober

Live Expert Insights from Industry Peers


Bitte nehmen Sie zur Kenntnis, dass die Leading Minds Webinar Serie nur in Englischer Sprache durchgeführt wird. 

The Leading Minds Network powered by ELPRO has announced its annual "Temperature Control Tuesdays” virtual series, an opportunity for pharma, life science, healthcare and supply chain professionals to delve into the latest advancements, strategies, and trends in temperature-controlled logistics and management. This virtual series will take place every Tuesday at 9:00am EST and 3:00pm CEST, beginning September 5 through October 3. Series sessions will include live panel discussions among industry peers and thought leaders around the following topics.

HEAT WAVES: Mitigating Humidity Risks in the Pharma Supply Chain

Panelist: Peter Moir, CEO, Relequa Analytical Systems; Tomas V. Pla, Packaging Engineer, Network Partners. Moderator: Karen Greene, CPPL, VP Client Solutions, Network Partners

Extreme weather events and climate change will continue to have an impact on the pharma supply chain. This session explores the relationship and impact of high temperature to humidity, how to mitigate risks, in addition to quality assurance and packaging considerations. 

6 ULT Storage Qualification Mistakes to Avoid

Panelists: Marisa Remsing, Qualification/Validation Engineer, ELPRO Messtechnik GmbH; Melanie Krüger, Qualification/Validation Engineer, ELPRO-BUCHS AG

ULT storage qualification is key to compliance. This session explores some common aspects to pay close attention to during the process including load, data logger placement, temperature mapping, documentation, and fleet qualification.

Cold Hard Truths in Cryogenic Storage and Shipment Today
Panelists: Ian Pope, Chief Commercial Officer, IC Biomedical; Gerard McCabe, COO/Director, Biostór Ireland, Teresa Clancy, Functional Lead, Supply Chain, APC Ltd. & VLE Therapeutics. Moderator: Henry Moran, ASC Associates
Exploring challenges, managing risk, and identifying current trends and regulatory issues impacting the exploding global cryogenic market.

Temperature-Controlled Air Freight: Global Logistics for Clinical Trials

Panelists: Chris Denton, Pharma Cargo Specialist, Virgin Atlantic Special Cargo; Sonia Ben Hamida, Head of Special Cargo, International Air Transportation Association (IATA); Mark Edwards, Global Trade & Compliance Manger, Kindeva Drug Delivery. Moderator: Henry Moran, ASC Associates

Gain insights into temperature-sensitive air cargo management, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and ensuring greater efficiencies in clinical supply chain operations.

Real-Time Predictive Analytics: New Ways to Prevent Temperature Excursions

Presenters: Stefan Braun, Managing Director, SmartCAE; Armin Feurstein, Product Manager, ELPRO-BUCHS AG

Introducing new intelligent shipments powered by SmartCAE and ELPRO. Now eliminate assumptions in your cold chain logistics with real-time data intelligence to make faster, smarter decisions en route, saving, time, cost and valuable assets. 



Meet Our Expert Panelists

Sonia Ben Hamida Follow me on LinkedIn

Head of Special Cargo
International Air Transportation Association (IATA)

Chris Denton Follow me on LinkedIn

Pharma Cargo Specialist
Virgin Atlantic Special Cargo

Ian Pope Follow me on LinkedIn

Chief Commercial Officer
IC Biomedical

Peter Moir Follow me on LinkedIn

Relequa Analytical Systems

Mark Edwards Follow me on LinkedIn

Global Compliance & Trade Officer
Kindeva Drug Delivery

Gerard McCabe Follow me on LinkedIn

Biostór Ireland

Marisa Remsing Follow me on LinkedIn

Qualification/Validation Engineer
ELPRO Messtechnik GmbH

Melanie Krüger Follow me on LinkedIn

Qualification/Validation Engineer

Karen Greene, CPPL Follow me on LinkedIn

VP Client Solutions
Network Partners

Tomas V. Pla Follow me on LinkedIn

Packaging Engineer
Network Partners

The Leading Minds Network powered by ELPRO is a collaborative learning experience that brings together industry peers and thought leaders to share challenges, solutions and best practices, so that knowledge can be shared for the greater good: providing safe and effective medications and therapies to patients. Through events, articles and conferences, Leading Minds Network explores emerging trends, technologies, and strategies that shape the future of temperature-control in the pharmaceutical, life science, healthcare and logistics industries. Join the community for free today at www.leading-minds-network.com.