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Neuer LIBERO Cx Funk-Datenlogger mit Bluetooth®-Funktion

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Leading Minds Webinare zurzeit nur in englischer Sprache durchgeführt werden.

Join us as we explore ELPRO’s next generation of highly versatile, Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) enabled LIBERO family of data loggers for Cold Chain and laboratory monitoring applications. These powerful, new multi-use devices – LIBERO CE, LIBERO CH and LIBERO CL – offer temperature monitor ranges between -200 °C to +400 °C and optional humidity ranges for countless applications.

ELPRO environmental monitoring experts Christoph Bamert and Armin Fuerstein will explore the many benefits of the new solutions including:

    • Transport Monitoring (CRT, +2 °C to +8 °C, dry ice and cryogenic), Room and Equipment monitoring of pharmacies, laboratory equipment monitoring (freezers, refrigerators, CO2 incubators and stability chambers), and Warehouse monitoring.

    • Bluetooth® Low Energy interface along with the new ELPRO Smartphone app, enables safe, touchless LIBERO C connections, reporting, and status checks – creating agile efficiencies during Cold Chain distribution processes and daily temperature checks in labs and pharmacies.

    • Configurable, multi-use capability with superior battery life up to three years.

    • Expanded memory capacity of 75,500 temperature values ensures confident data capture during longer shipments or application timelines.

    • Convenient “pause alarm” enables temporary disablement during cryogenic tank re-charging or re-stocking refrigerators with medicine, while still maintaining full traceability and data capture.

    • Customizable alarm configurations allow quick and simple assessments based on unique user requirements. (e.g. multi-level stability budgets with up to eight temperature alarm zones.)

    • Improved logger display status updates for easier handling and faster, critical decision making

    • Full compatibility, analytics and global 24/7 access via with ELPRO LIBERO Cloud.


Who Should Attend:

    • Lab Managers

    • Quality Assurance Managers

    • Clinical Site Managers

    • Third Party Shippers

    • Warehouse and Storage Facility Managers

    • Cold Chain Logistics Managers



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