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GxP-konformes Temperatur-Mapping für Impfstofflager

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March 23, 2021

In the wake of COVID-19 vaccine storage and distribution challenges, mandatory temperature mapping for GxP compliance has resulted in efficient and cost saving techniques to rapidly qualify storage facilities and equipment to meet demand. In addition to large pharma and logistics companies, there is also an urgent need for vaccination centers, hospitals, and pharmacies to qualify and map their equipment and storage rooms.


Join ELPRO GxP experts as we explore:

    • Mandatory regulatory guidance

    • What needs mapped for compliance?

    • What does mapping help to determine?

    • Is there an ideal time to conduct mapping?

    • What documentation is required for audits?


ELPRO Self Service Temperature Mapping Kits:

    • Broad Range of Applications: from standalone refrigerators, freezers and ultra-low temperature freezers to small walk-in rooms

    • Easy Set-up: data loggers come preconfigured with step-by-step instructions

    • Do-It-Yourself: no previous knowledge or experience required

    • Audit-ready Documents: fully compliant analytical report, prepared by ELPRO GxP specialists

    • COVID-Proof: complete the work regardless of travel restrictions

    • Avoid Travel Costs: no expensive on-site GxP consulting visits


Who Should Attend:

    • COVID Vaccine Site Managers

    • Warehouse and Laboratory Managers

    • Pharmacy Managers/Directors

    • Pharma Logistics Managers

    • Quality Assurance Professionals

    • Business Operations Professionals

    • GxP Compliance Officers


Meet Our Presenters:

Patrick Herburger-Rauter is Product Manager responsible for ELPRO Services. With 4 years of experience in various positions at ELPRO, Patrick developed internal ELPRO process to ensure service quality and was responsible for GxP services  in product management.



Melanie Krüger is GxP Team Leader of Europe. With now 3 ½ years of experience in the GxP environment, with several projects in different countries also in the Middle East. From Warehouse mapping to qualification of complete logistic providers a wide range of different projects were managed through the ELPRO GxP team.


Mike Quinn is the Northeast local key account manager at ELPRO and resides in the Greater Philadelphia area. He is a graduate of Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine and holds a master’s degree in biomedical sciences. He has years of industry experience relating to temperature monitoring technologies and compliance driven environments.




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