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2024 Special Leading Minds Network Report: The Evolving Pharma Cold-Chain

Overall Outlook:

  • The pharma cold chain is expected to see above-average growth due to the shift towards biologics and global pharma growth.

  • Market data supports this with IQVIA and http://ResearchandMarkets.com reports predicting growth in the coming years.

  • Despite some cutbacks in the CGT sector, the overall industry remains promising with the development of new therapies and increasing use of biosimilars.



Industry Evolution:

  • There is a significant expansion of capacity and service offerings, with companies like World Courier, DHL, and Kuehne+Nagel investing heavily.

  • Acquisitions are happening, with examples like Envirotainer acquiring va-Q-tec and Cryoport acquiring Bluebird Express.

  • Technology advancements are improving efficiency and service, with features like longer temperature holding times, reusable containers, and real-time IoT data monitoring and predictive analytics that enable dynamic risk assessment with examples like ELPRO-BUCHS AG and Smart CAE’s predictive analytics tool.

  • Challenges remain, particularly in establishing global standards and achieving complete supply chain visibility.


  • Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, with companies like World Courier setting ambitious emission reduction goals.

  • Electric vehicles, alternative container materials, and sustainable aviation fuel are being explored to reduce the environmental impact of cold chain logistics.


  • The pharma cold chain is a dynamic and growing industry with the resources to meet the challenges of new drug modalities, sustainability, and cost control.

  • Pharma product managers can be confident that experienced logistics providers and technology are available to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of their products.


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