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5 Blunt Reasons to Invest in Environmental Monitoring GMP for Cannabis

Let’s be frank. GMP cannabis is the future of the industry. Companies that seek to implement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) employed by the pharmaceutical industry will be ahead of the regulatory curve and best positioned for success as legalized cannabis markets mature.

Join ELPRO environmental data monitoring expert Benoit Chedhomme and cannabis market development specialist Mariane Simard of VWR, part of Avantor, on our Webinar as they explore the advantages of GMP and going beyond the minimum requirements of processing, distributing and selling safe and effective cannabis product.

You’ll learn where to start with implementing GMPs, and avoid the expensive and time-consuming hassles of retooling processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for compliance. Be prepared for regulatory audits with comprehensive data you can access at your fingertips. Strengthen your company’s brand reputation as a serious leader in maintaining compliant GMP processes and procedures.


Who Should Attend:

    • Quality Assurance Managers
    • Compliance Officers
    • Logistics/Distribution Managers
    • Process Engineers
    • Lab Directors  


What You’ll Learn:

    • Why GMPs are important for the cannabis industry today
    • What initial steps you can take to ensure compliance



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