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Archive Cloud Database Demo: Powered by ELPRO liberoMANAGER

Join us for a test drive of our powerful Archive cloud database, powered by ELPRO's industry-leading liberoMANAGER software. Learn about secure and compliant Cloud storage of all your temperature reports. Easy global access to send, collect, archive, release and manage temperature data along your entire supply chain.

If you use LIBERO PDF data loggers, ELPRO’s Archive database is the simplest way to get your PDF reports back from any location worldwide. It also ensures files are immediately archived and accessible for quality assessments and audits, guaranteeing 100 percent compliance. Take the next step and get easy access to your archived PDF reports in the Cloud.


What you’ll learn:

    • What is the liberoMANAGER Archive cloud database and how does it work?
    • The simple processes to organize, access, manage and store reports
    • How and why it is important to get all your LIBERO PDF reports
    • How to save time training and chasing down data from receiving sites


Who should attend:

    • ELPRO customers who use LIBERO PDF data loggers
    • Quality assurance professionals
    • Clinical trial managers
    • Anyone seeking faster release time for medicines
    • Anyone thinking of switching to LIBERO PDF data loggers



Meet our co-presenter:

Ed_Difilippo_web-Jun-16-2021-07-41-29-68-AMED DIFILIPPO is Vice President Sales, North America for ELPRO Services Inc, ELPRO's North American subsidiary. Ed is located in Boston, MA and has over ten years experience in temperature data monitoring solutions.

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