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WEBCAST: How & When to Develop Your CGT Cold Chain Logistics Strategy

FEBRUARY 28, 2023 | 10:00am EST - 4:00pm CET | Watch on Demand

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This webcast features strategies from industry experts Troels Jordansen, CEO of Glycostem International, Emanuel Schäpper, Team Lead/Key Accounts at ELPRO Global, and Dan Bell, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Strategy at Marken.

Eblast_Troels Jordansen_200x200_round

Troels Jordansen

Eblast_Emanuel Schäpper_200x200_round

Emanuel Schäpper

Eblast_Dan Bell_200x200_round

Dan Bell

The session is moderated by Nicola Ambler of Olmec Connections.  During the discussion the panel will explore the following topics.

  • The suitability of GDP guidelines for CGTs

  • Recommended approaches to ensuring the integrity and quality of raw materials throughout the supply chain

  • When should planning begin, to ensure a robust logistics and temperature control strategy; what are the potential barriers to achieving success?

  • The common causes of delays at customs and strategies to avoid these challenges

  • How CGT manufacturers can plan and mitigate against risk in the logistics and supply chain operations, including route planning, contingencies and escalation strategies.


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