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Biocom Online Series Session 3: New and Emerging Supply Chain Technologies

​​​​​New and Emerging Supply Chain Technologies

ELPRO is once again collaborating with Biocom California to co-host a series of educational webinar sessions taking place this summer and early fall.

The webinar series is for all life science practitioners in Supply Chain, Logistics, Packaging Engineering, Cold Chain, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, Clinical Supply and Commercial Operations or Warehousing. The sessions will include case studies, strategies and tools to preserve the safety and efficacy of temperature-sensitive products in-transit and in-storage.


Digital virtual Cold Chain modeling, real-time monitoring, connected IoT sensors, end-to-end supply chain visibility and integration, temperature-controlled packaging, new tech and digitalization are driving fast change and disrupting the biopharma supply chain with global implications. Join our experts as we explore the latest trends.

Meet our Presenters:


Carli Derrfield

Carli Derrfield, CEO, Cold Chain Consult, is one of the leading most-technically accredited, accomplished and published global Cold Chain subject matter experts within the Cold Chain solutions and services industry. As CEO of Cold Chain Consult, her third Cold Chain company, she has built and implemented Cold Chain COE’s for Top 10 global organizations. Her Cold Chain expertise combined with her history as a proven, responsible, and dedicated executive and entrepreneur, with 23 years of strategic and tactical marketing, sales, business optimization and
operations management within global life science,manufacturing and technology industries.


Stefan Braun

Stefan Braun, Managing Director, SmartCAE, studied technical physics in Munich. He has written two books about Simulation Software and numerous journal articles about mathematical modeling. He is the founder and managing director of SmartCAE, a software company that works on the digital Virtual Cold Chain.



Adam ArmstrongAdam Armstrong, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Specright, has spent 6 years working directly with manufacturing and supply chain leaders to drive a spec-first approach to managing packaging and product data. Adam serves as an adjunct professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's Masters in Packaging Value Chain program, and he previously worked in digital strategy and analytics for the National Football League and Brand Affinity Technologies.



Jeroen van Loo, Global Business Management, ELPRO, is a 16-year pharmaceutical Cold Chain industry veteran and a respected expert in temperature controlled logistics and compliance. He is currently located in Temecula, California, and serves as a global business manager for ELPRO-BUCHS AG, headquartered in Switzerland.







Watch all sessions of the Biocom Online Series on demand:

Presenting Sponsor: 

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SMARTCAE LogoSmartCAE (computer aided engineering) provides simulations tailored to the field of temperature controlled logistics. For more than 15 years the company has provided customers solutions to thermal engineering challenges in the areas of virtual box testing and design, representative temperature profiles, statistical analysis of lane temperatures, and lane risk analysis.


Cold Chain Consult Transparent File 4000Cold Chain Consult is an independent specialists with over 60 years of combined industry experience, Cold Chain Consult is the missing link in your cold supply chain. With global expertise and reach, Cold Chain Consult brings compliance and operational experience to your organization as quickly as you need it. The company tailors the number of resources to meet specific needs leaving you time to manage your timelines and budgets. Whatever your organization's current challenge is within the Cold Chain industry, Cold Chain Consult will lead, support, and drive you to success. They are proven partners to all segments of the industry: suppliers, carriers/integrators, small-to-medium enterprises, large global enterprises, non-profits and start-ups. 


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For over 25 years, Biocom California has helped move the life science industry forward with transformative resources that enable companies to make meaningful connections. With a membership base of over 1,400 companies, we connect our members to each other so they can collaborate and work stronger and smarter together. We connect organizations to capital investment and purchasing solutions so they can grow faster and work more efficiently. We're their link to advocacy that fights for innovation and we provide an environment where their business and talent can thrive. Biocom California is how the life science industry gets connected.

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