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5 Reasons Why Project Management is Essential for GDP Pharma Logistics

Join ELPRO expert Micalyn Harris for a Webinar as she highlights several important aspects of having experienced project management on your team. Reliable and trusted project managers that specialize in pharma logistics are essential partners to guiding GDP in your operations. Find out why it plays a key role in determining seamless implementation, effective resource allocation, and ensuring required documentation and processes for qualified GMP/ GLP initiatives.

Learn how to select a project management partner effectively, how they can help you prepare for (and stay) audit ready, facilitate temperature data mapping, manage validation projects and more!


Who should attend:

    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
    • Freight Forwarders
    • Subcontracted Transport Carriers
    • Logistics Managers
    • Quality Assurance Managers
    • GDP Facility Management


Meet Our Presenter:

Micalyn_Harris_hqLocated in Marietta, Ohio, Micalyn Harris is the president and CEO of ELPRO Services Inc., the North American subsidiary of ELPRO headquartered in Buchs, Switzerland. She has over nine years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout her career she has managed project installations ranging from a few monitoring points to thousands of points.




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