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Temperature Monitoring Technology for the Last Miles

Monitoring is a ‘means to an end’. It provides the proof and documentation that the shipment has been kept in a quality controlled condition and thus the medicine is safe for patient. Put simply, it’s a necessary component of the pharma supply chain. But how do you use the technology most simply, taking the least amount of your time and cost, yet realize its full value?


This online presentation and Q&A session will discuss:

    • Conventional vs. future monitoring technologies for the pharmaceutical supply chain last miles
    • End to end monitoring and it’s challenges
    • Discussing how much data are you willing to share, outsource and able to spend
    • What to do with all the big data?
    • Prepare for future regulations and new technology


Who should attend:

    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
    • Distributors
    • Logistics Partners
    • Logistics Managers
    • Quality Assurance Managers


Meet our co-presenters:

Jeroen van Loo has been working in the pharmaceutical cold chain industry since 2003, including the last 10 years with ELPRO. Working with SMEs and large pharma organizations, Jeroen understands the day to day challenges of life science organizations in operating temperature-controlled storage facilities and managing products in-transit. Jeroen enjoys being part of implementing new monitoring and data management technology, which can be complex in aligning stakeholders and adapting processes; but in the long-run reaps significant benefits to global cold chain operations. Today, Jeroen is working closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers to build IoT monitoring into their existing supply chain systems for to create immediate and long-term business outcomes.

Shital Parikh Mars has over 12 years of executive leadership experience with specific expertise in healthcare, logistics, investment banking, and public company development. Ms. Mars was CEO of Progressive Care Inc. for 5 years leading it through successive years of growth and achievement. Ms. Mars exhibits passion and dedication to proactive, forward thinking, ethical leadership in all areas of business management. Ms. Mars has leant her voice to champion evolving thought processes regarding healthcare strategies, virtual health technologies, risk management, last mile logistics, diversity and inclusion, and leadership development.


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